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We take pride in knowing that daily we get to help fans and collectors with their Iron Maiden Collections. Most of the queries include determining original and official items from fakes. Non official collectibles are more prevalent than ever today especially online.
The most frequently asked question we get is how to tell the difference between an original copy of The Soundhouse Tapes and a fake. Having owned over 40 original copies at one time and them demanding such a high price, we’ve had no choice but to learn how to differentiate between an authentic record and a fake. It’s our opinion that a lot of collectors these days believe they have an original but in fact own a fake, which they’ve paid good money for. While we always encourage Iron Maiden collectors to send us their queries, today we will publish this page to provide all the information needed to determine an original with the aid of photos and detailed descriptions.

We will not go into obvious and random characteristics that are easily seen in our array of photographs. Photos, the logo and all dialogue are easily seen in our clear pics. When needed we will add or delete information listed below as we see fit as it pertains to the specifications of an original The Soundhouse Tapes. Our goal of course in the end is to help all fans and collectors prove or disprove their copy whether they own it, are purchasing one or selling.

The Original


 Is a 7″ black vinyl record with a square picture sleeve measuring just a shade over 7 1/8 inches across and 7 1/4 inches vertically.


Picture sleeve is made of heavy paper identical to the sleeve of the UK version of “Running Free”. This is the only similarity of the two.


Picture sleeve has the opening from the top. The cutout on the back of the sleeve and at the opening is exactly 3 11/16 ” long. The cutout is curved and has diagonal cuts on either end. I’ve only seen one fake that mimicks this cutout which is the best done so far.


Picture sleeve inside paper is off white in color. An aged look, almost beige color is seen at the cutout on the top of the back of the sleeve. I’ve seen fake sleeves where the color is pure white.


Picture sleeve is orange in color. In all the original copies that I have owned, the color varies very little and only because of exposure to light. I’ve seen fakes being too red in color.


Picture sleeve back has flaps that extend from the front cover that fold and wrap around to the back of the sleeve where they are glued. The wrap around flap has diagonal cuts which are approximately 22 degrees on all four corners of the back sleeve. Most of the fakes I’ve seen do not have the cuts on an angle and never at the right angle. I’ve not ever shared this with anyone ever before but one tell tale sign of a fake is if the flap corner cutoffs are too smooth. On the originals, there is always an “ear” left from the die cast on where the diagonal cuts were made. You can’t fake this with modern day equipment.


Cutout on the back sleeve at the opening has a curved shape extending downward. There is usually a small hint of orange gap between the lowest point of the cutout and Paul’s photo. It’s a myth that this gap appears on every single original copy so please don’t use this as a sign of a fake if it does not appear. Depending on the diecast and how the paper sat at this procedure determined how the sleeves look today.


Black vinyl record paper label’s orange color is darker than the picture sleeve. While the sleeve is orange, the paper labels are almost a light red in color. I’ve seen fakes that have the labels and picture sleeve the same orange or in one case the paper labels are even a lighter orange.


Black vinyl record side 1 and side 2 have markings in the run off grooves. These markings beyond anything else will tell you if you have an original. They have not been faked. I’ve been the bearer of bad news on more than one occasion telling collectors they’ve a fake copy when the markings simply are not original.


Black vinyl record side 1 markings in the runoff grooves are…
*EG* SA LYN 7627 – IT ROK – 1 – A
While most of the markings are quite easy to see, the LYN 7627 – IT is not. By having very good light and turning the record into the light is the only way to catch the markings with the bare eye.


Black vinyl record side 2 markings in the runoff grooves are…
ROK – 1 – B LYN 7628 – IT *EG* SA
Again, the LYN markings are barely seen with the bare eye without turning the record to catch the light of these markings. I’ve seen many fakes try to copy the original markings and all don’t come close as they are scribed crudely into the vinyl.


It wouldn’t be right to speak of how to determine an original copy of The Soundhouse Tapes without including some photos of fakes. Here are some fake records, sleeves and inserts popular and collected from the 80’s til today.

Additional Info

1) There has never been a vinyl reissue of the original EP released in 1979. There was however an official replica CD available in 2001/2002 with the catalogue number CSK 56882. This version was limited to 666 CDs.

Sanctuary Record Group and Metal Is Records released Iron Maiden’s 1998 remastered audio on their “mini vinyl” CDs which most of us refer to as vinyl replicas. Inside these cardboard sleeves were “Eddie” coin stickers seen below. Fans could send in six of these stickers plus $6.66 to Sony Music and receive a CD version of The Soundhouse Tapes. please refer to the photos below

Because of the limited run of these official CDs and the value they possess by collectors, fakes were produced. We’ve shown in the photos below the difference between an original and fake CD and how to distinguish the two.

2) The inserts seen with the original copies are the easiest to fake. The only thing I can say is that most seen for sale now are fakes. The easiest way to tell is that the paper is simply too white and looks new. Even if the insert was stored for years in the sleeve, it still will not look pure white. For any other differences, please refer to the photos.
3) When doing my research on this article and seeing other sites dedicated to determining an original, it became clear that there were many mistakes and untruths on those sites. It’s a pleasure to be able to pass on this correct and valuable information.

In conclusion, I would like to say please pay attention to all the photos. Beyond anything else they show what an original copy of The Soundhouse Tapes will look like. Collectors of any kind that have one in their collections should be very proud as they are getting harder and harder to come by.

– The Soundhouse Collection Team –

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